Publishing Submissions


You can see our general tastes below, but we’re really, really, REALLY looking for the following with series potential:

Romance - Dark, Deep, Dangerous, or extra spicy! Alphaholes to cinnamon buns..bring them on!

Fantasy — fairytale, folklore, urban, contemptary or paranormal! We LOVE a good fantasy read!

YA — Something fun, adventurous, and with plenty of magic!

Fabled Ink first and foremost is in search of engaging stories needing a great home.

We do have a small range of genres we prefer and some others we’ll consider, so be sure to familiarize yourself with what we’re after. If your text doesn’t fit neatly in one genre, as long as it’s not solidly in our “Not For Us” category, send it in any way. For length, we’re only searching for full-length novels.

  • Our primary focus is on the following genres of fiction: Romance, Fantasy (LitRPG included), and YA (see above) We will happily read Erotica (extra spicy scenes are fine, but makes those scenes meaningful to the plot / characters and not 90% filler)
  • We will consider when the stars align and the universe delivers...: Magical Realism, Historical Fiction, Funny/Satirical Cozy Mysteries.
  • We are not right for: Mystery, Suspense/Thriller or Chic-lit, Romance, Chapter Books, Early Readers, Literary, Short Stories (including collections), Poetry and Non-Fiction
  • We do not consider previously published material under this submission category (this includes self-published anything, anywhere that hit the public)

All queries should go to submissions (at) fabledinkpress (dot) com. and begin your subject line with QUERY: (title of the manuscript) (e.g. QUERY: Frodo the Avenger).

We like to see well-written, concise letters that include your bio and any relevant writing experience. If you can pitch your entire manuscript in three sentences and make us want to read it, you’re already ahead of the game. Feel free to include in the body of the email the first 10 pages so we can get an idea of your writing.

We do not open unsolicited attachments.

We love all our writers, current and prospective, and we will respond to each inquiry so you aren’t left in limbo. If by some twist of fate your email is unanswered, feel free to nudge us after three months.

If we do request a manuscript, our turnaround time can be a few days to six months, so please be patient. We will also ask you for the dreaded synopsis at this time so we suggest you tame that beast as soon as you can. As before, if the gnomes are feeling feisty, nudge us at the six-month mark, but only after that time has passed. We know you’re eager to hear, and we’re eager to find, but we can’t field calls and respond to emails asking what’s going on if we’re reading and searching.

If you still have questions, we have an Author FAQ that may address them, or you can always use a method on our Contact Us page to reach out to us.