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About Fabled

Our Fabled story is really only just beginning...

....our bookish business first started with Razz Candles then The Fable Crate but we found our passion and heart in Fabled when we sent our first book out in August 2022!

Each step along the way has been filled with a deep love of books that drives our business on the insatiable, never ending search for new stories, amazing authors and the excitement of a book that cannot be put down!

As we continue to work hard to bring great stories and beautiful books to our readers we hope you'll join us and discover something special with Fabled!

Meet The Team


Founder / Designer

Rowie Staar is the glue that holds Fabled Co together.

Rowie prefers to stay behind the scenes, but she is the driving force behind all things Fabled Co.

She ensures all of our authors and publishers are taken care of, designs are flawless and our books are published on time. She takes on numerous jobs that ensure Fabled Co is able to continue curating, designing, publishing and sending special edition books.

Rowie also ensures that every edition created by Fabled Co is the best it can possibly be through every stage of the process. Fabled Co is truly a labour of love that has been made possible through her passion and dedication.


Social Media Manager

Sam is our social media manager and so much more!

Sam is our guidance counsellor, sounding board, finder of books, master of wordy magic, giver of sage advice and right hand. She is the person you go to when things are hard and the first person you go to when it’s time to celebrate!

She also manages all of our social media. She is the witty replies, the hilarious comments and the mastermind behind the posts that make you laugh as well as the gorgeous pictures which accompany them.

Sam is also a serious book lover and can be found at @sam_the_fangirl_ on Instagram and Tiktok or as the admin of several bookish BST groups on Facebook.


Business Support Manager

Caycee is our Customer Support ’Team’.

Caycee responds to all the emails, helps with any changes to subscriptions, answers all your questions, sends out any replacements, and works endlessly to make sure every customer is heard!

Caycee is the ultimate organiser (both in work and life) which makes her the perfect admin wizard. She organises all the details for each months box, does all our ordering and makes sure the rest of us are on time and in budget.

She also provides non-stop support to the rest of our team and is the first to offer real solutions, practical advice and tough love when we need it most!

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