The way a person experiences a book’s content is, obviously, very personal and each and every reader has their own reaction to a book’s content. By including trigger or content warnings we allow every person to experience the book on their own terms.

Fabled provides spice and trigger warnings as a 'GUIDE ONLY'. We do our absolute best to ensure you have all the information to make informed decisions but cannot be held responsible for your personal views, triggers, or level of safe reading.

1 - Dash of Spice. Sex is had, but not in graphic detail. There is obvious sensuality and sexuality.

2 – Pinch of Spice. HEA type intense with some angst and a few twists and turns but more of a super sexy comfort read.

3 – Medium spice. Sex is had, in detail. This is a sexy book, and no one is complaining! It might be non-traditional sex.

4 – Spicy! You will definitely need an ice cold drink and the aircon on to cope with this one. The is heavy and detailed, full of heat and yes, you may need to walk it off every now and again.

5 – HOT HOT HOT Spice! Think heavy breathing, sweating and fanning yourself as you read! And yes this can be triggering and confronting or just straight up make you question your view of the world!

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