AI Integrity

Our Policy on the Use of AI

At Fabled, we hold a deep appreciation for human creativity and craftsmanship in all forms of artistic expression, including art, writing, and narration. To maintain the integrity of human creativity and originality in our endeavours, we affirm our commitment to exclusively supporting human artists, authors, and narrators in the creation, production, and presentation of content associated with our brand.

As an extension of our dedication to human creativity, our policy explicitly prohibits the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in the development, composition, or distribution of any artistic works, written materials, or narrations affiliated with Fabled.

We firmly believe in the irreplaceable imagination, emotion, and individuality that human artists, authors, and narrators contribute to their respective crafts. Therefore, it is our mandate that all creative works, written content, and narrations associated with Fabled are sources responsibility and are the sole product of human ingenuity and effort.

This stance aligns with our unwavering support for the artistic community and our commitment to upholding the authenticity and unique perspectives inherent in human expression across all artistic mediums.

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