Shipping Updates

US Shipping Annoucement

Shipping Announcement

Did you see our recent US shipping tease and want to know more?? 

We are so excited to share that we’ve set up a distribution hub in Dallas Fort Worth, Texas! (Go Cowboys!!!)

To ensure a seamless transition, Rowie is currently in the US overseeing the implementation of this new operation and to ensure that this transition is supported with real time responses!

For our Fablers in Australia and elsewhere, we still have our team at Fabled HQ making sure all our operations continue to run smoothly. 

US Distribution FAQ

How will the transition work?

Our current site will be offline from the 16th to 23rd of January 2023 AWST
(we apologise for the inconvenience, but it is short term pain, for long term gain!) 
Our web developers will use this time to bring online the new US website –

Our amazing Support Team will then spend that week updating each subscription to ensure that deductions for February boxes are correct.

When is this going to start?

For monthly boxes this is going to start in February!

This means that your subscription will change if you are a US subscriber.
Your subscription will only be available in USD on the new site and shipping will be linked to US based carriers only. No more international customs and horrific wait times!!!

Who does this effect?

This change effects all US based customers.
Once this change takes effect you will no longer be able to access your account on the current site but will have a dedicated US site for all your Fabled subs and orders.

Will I still be able to see my past orders and subscriptions?

All historical information will be transferred to the new site.

I’m in Canada. Does this change include me?

Canadian customers have the option of choosing either the US site or staying with the AU site.
This means that if you are a Canadian customer, you can choose whether your account is on the US site in USD and have your box distributed from Texas
your account remains on the current site and is charged in AUD and distributed as usual through our Perth headquarters.

PLEASE NOTE: This choice is a ‘ONE TIME ONLY OFFER’. You will not be able to switch between the two sites or have subscriptions on both sites.

If you are Canadian and would like to switch your sub to the US site please contact our team at by January 17th 2023 AWST. 

What happens with my current subscription?

If you are a US customer your subscription will be transferred to the US site.
Your subscription will be processed in USD only.
Shipping costs will be for local delivery only through providers such as USPS.

What I need to do?

Update any payment and address details for February subs by 14th January. 

If you are a Canadian customer wanting to have your sub moved to the US website, contact our team at by January 17th 2023 AWST. 

What is happening with the boxes that have experienced delays?

Our plan for December boxes, January boxes and all outstanding Fabled Edition sets is to get them to you ASAP.
This includes DDF, Blood Oath, Souls Trilogy, Court of Death and The Captain’s Revenge.

The delays, while out of our hands, have been such a stress for us and are not something we want to see again!! We are still at this stage waiting for two containers to arrive! ????

To get these to our valued customers asap we have decided to absorb the significant additional costs and air freight these directly to Dallas once they arrive.

For our US customers, we are hoping this means we can get these out ASAP and your order will get to you a lot faster than the usual wait time!

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