Shipping Updates

Shipping Update

We are currently facing shipping delays due to the heightened demand during the Christmas rush. While our logistics team tried to anticipate the increased activity during this season and allotted more time than usual for book deliveries, the surge of the Christmas rush occurred earlier than expected.

While we are disappointed, this experience has served as a valuable lesson, and we are committed to implementing improvements and better planning for future boxes and Fabled editions during these busy periods.

Please know that our team is working tirelessly to expedite the delivery process. We are diligently following up daily to obtain arrival timeframes and ensure that your books reach you as swiftly as possible.

We deeply regret that these delays have impacted the November subscription books, as well as Trails of Sin, Deliciously Dark Fairytales and Blood Oath.

We have been informed that this rush will start to ease come mid December, but we will continue to provide you with further updates as we receive more information. 

We expect all our sets and books to be back on track and on time by January. And January books will go out as anticipated.

Your patience and understanding during this time are greatly appreciated.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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